Sunday January 20th 4 – 6pm

Third Street Center – Round Room – Carbondale, CO

“The times call for prayer, connection, being in the heart, and joy.” – Bernie Heideman

The Dances of Universal Peace are circle dances with a mantra, sacred phrase, or affirmation sung while dancing. The experience allows for “presence” to naturally emerge in the group. The dances are embodied prayers.

You don’t need to be a great singer nor an accomplished dancer to participate. All the voices and steps blend.

Bernie Heideman has been leading dances for 25 years and has created many dances. His current direction is to increase the level of joy in the dances as well increase the connection and depth. His most recent dances are more “dance-y” where the steps relate to the rhythm of the chant.  His leadership style is relaxed, loose, and inviting. Bernie has recorded 10 cd’s and led dances in many countries.

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Suggested Donation: $10 at the door

Co-sponsored by Lisa Dancing-Light and Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing.



Raising Our Frequency to a Higher Octave 

Beginning January 15, 2018  

6:00 – 7:30pm

The Helios Center – 601 Sopris Avenue – Carbondale, CO

 Conversation, practice and training based on Lisa Dancing-Light’s research and healing practice called Sound Focusing

  • Journey into the Mystery of Sound and the Human Voice
  • Discover the Power of the Human Voice Through Chant, Tone & Mantra
  • Explore the effects of Sound on Our Brain
  • Cultivate Sound as a Self-Healing Practice

Explore this rare experiential opportunity to learn an innovative self-healing sound technique combining the therapeutic process FOCUSING, with Kay Gardner’s research shared in SOUNDING THE INNER LANDSCAPE . Certification program begins January 25, 2018.



ONE VOICE – Uniting Our Community in Song

Beginning Thursday January 18th  6 – 7:30pm

Jan. 18 | Feb. 1, 15 | Mar. 1, 15 | Apr. 5, 19 | May 3, 17, 31

The Helios Center – 601 Sopris Ave. –  Carbondale, CO 

Earlybird registration before January 15th – $150

Drop in: $20

You are invited to join One Voice, a new community singing group for all levels of ability, with intention to sing from the heart. Toning, chanting and harmonizing, singing sacred, popular and cross cultural music creating a powerful coherence and celebrating the profound joy and healing expression that music brings to the soul.

As founder of Higher Octave Music Programs, I have had a lifelong devotion to music, as an educator, performing artist and composer. My passion is guiding and cultivating joyful, compassionate expression through the love of music. All my singing groups invite laughter, harmonies and freedom to explore the personal evolution of one’s soul through their voice.

As with everything in a person’s life, there comes a change with every step forward in spiritual evolution. Every experience is an initiation, even in worldly life, one takes a step forward, and this experience changes the voice of a person.  Inayat Hazrat Khan, THE MUSIC OF LIFE

For more information: 970-963-3330