About Lisa

In 1980 a local second grade teacher asked me if I would give her recently adopted Vietnamese son piano lessons. micHe did not speak English so she wanted to introduce him to the universal language of music. That single experience launched my 30 year career as a singer-songwriter, piano-vocal performance coach and music educator.

A strong foundation in classical piano and degree in music education gave me the strong foundation to build my career but a health crisis lead me to seek many wisdom teachers.  Don Campbell, author of Introduction to the Musical Brain and The Mozart Effect helped me explore the healing aspects of music and its subtle effects on the brain.

Study with wisdom teachers Angeles Arrien, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Malidoma Some, Jean Houston, Joseph Chilton Pierce and Michael Meade enhanced my spiritual growth while living close to nature exploring the Rocky Mountains lead me deeper into my journey of self-discovery.  This journey clearly resonates through all of my recordings which you can listen to and order at CDBaby.com.