“The prose/poem from Anne’s book that stirred me to the bone when I first read it is now soaring through the beautiful vehicle of Lisa’s voice backed by the string instruments. WOW! It is an anthem for the world. Much love to you! And bounteous blessings and GRATITUDE!”
Rita Marsh, Director, Davi Nikent – Center For Human Flourishing

“Brilliant! Lisa Dancing-Light has created a masterpiece. It speaks to all of us on many levels. This song confirms that through acceptance and surrender, we become one with peace, joy and love.”
John Norton, Two Rivers T’ai Chi

“Such beautiful music you produced. Such an authentic and moving voice and music that stirred me and still does everyday as I play it before I sleep. Thank you for your gift to us. (and – you can quote me on that!)” Nancy Thal, Health Practitioner, Acupuncturist

“When I first heard it I felt instantly touched. The song went straight to my most painful emotional center and helped me lean in to that area. After some moments there was clarity of hope and the realization that we are enough and supported.                                                                                                         This song affected me deeply and the blessing of its effect carried with me throughout the day. The next morning I noticed people whom had listened with me the previous day, where also positively affected the following day. Love the reminder of who we really are and what to do.” Caroline Mohl, T’ai Chi Practitioner

“The Song of Love” captures the gifts and graces of the author, Anne Hillman and singer, songwriter, Lisa Dancing-Light.  Arranged and directed by the noted Derek Nakamoto, this recording of “The Song of Love” finds a plaintiff cello line entwined with Lisa’s pure alto voice declaring that all humankind is held in the embrace of Divine love.  Birthed in the shadow of Colorado’s majestic Mr. Sopris, “The Song of Love” invites the human spirit to soar with hope and celebration!” Barbara P. aka “Rev” Babs

“I wanted to take a minute to write you. You’re single is superb! It’s perfection in melody, harmony, rhythm, instrumentation, orchestration, voice, arrangement, message, spirit…all things. It comes to me at a really good time because it’s precisely the message I’ve been needing lately. Thank you so much for your music. Thank you so much for just being you. I’m so grateful our paths have crossed in this miraculous life, that we’ve had the chance to walk the very same path for a while and that we’re both of conscious mind to talk about it and share it! Walk always in the light of gratitude my friend because life is the gift of consciousness throughout the universe forever!
Respectfully and always your friend”
John Riger, Pianist, Composer, and Recording Artist


“You made my day!  Thank you SO much for the LIGHT YEARS CD–it is magnificent!  Your talent and heartfelt lyrics and music totally amaze me.  I’m in awe.  I love the lyrics, the piano and the accompanying instrumentation.  I laughed at the Mercury in Retrograde song….how wonderful cause it’s in progress right now, and it always screws things up for me!   Your lyrics were so touching and radiated feelings/stories about your family and things that truly matter in the core of you.  KUDOS!”                  Sue Kennen, NY

 “I have really been enjoying your new LIGHT YEARS CD. I love how it takes me on my own journey down memory lane. Your voice is so beautiful!   Thanks for being who you are and sharing your gifts with the world!” Karen Mehringer, author Sail Into Your Dreams, speaker and catalyst for transformation, CA

“I’m enjoying your CD! Your lyrics reflect your life in a way that many women will be able to relate to.  And your musical support is diverse and engaging. I smiled at your SOS and your son’s “Bye Mom”. “Your Touch” raises a vital issue for women: Will I lose my soul? Of course! I forgot to include appreciation for the most obvious: your lovely voice and Spirit conveyed through your voice!    Blessings”  Crysla, CO

“A nice departure from my usual downbeat techno. You have such a beautiful and inspiring voice!  Just amazing!” Dr. Paul Gannon, PA

“I love this CD so much. It brought me back to the warmth of my childhood…It has allowed me to reflect over my life and see how much I have grown. This is a wonderful healing for all.” Barbara O’Connor, CO

“I love your new LIGHT YEARS CD. You have a beautiful voice and I really like your songs.  It made me think of Cherry Street and our playing at your house. “For Stephen” almost made my cry, especially the “’bye Mom”.  I heard my own son’s voice in it.”  Anne Heuwaldh Cook, childhood neighbor, MO

“John and I love your album.  We’ve not memorized the words but we hum along wherever we go in the car.  I have some favorites; although each one captures my heart.  I love “Islands in Time”. I laugh out loud every time I hear “Mercury in Retrograde” and weep a bit at the tribute to your Dad.  Also, your Mom.  We go back to watching Moms hang out their laundry “all afternoon.”  I’m getting a clothes line this summer.” Barbara Palmer, CO

“Lisa Dancing-Light’s latest album, Light Years, reveals both her lineage and legacy.  You will be transported to your past and find hope in loving relationships. Prepare to feel your heart pulled and your vision expanded.” Terri Jones, CO

“This is very exciting! And, it is a fabulous CD — something to really be proud of!  Congratulations!”Karen Turner, CO

“I support your amazing gift.  Your musical talent is truly one of God’s beautiful blessings.  You are a lovely gift, and light, to me, and our community. I support your amazing gift.” Davi Roach, CO

“Lisa has the dancing light part of her name from her beautiful voice and spirit, which shines forth from every song she sings, in addition, she is a fine musician and songwriter, which adds to the overall experience of listening to her.  Her artistry has hidden depths which are revealed over time.  As I have gotten to know her work from listening and writing with her, I have become convinced that she is on her way to greatness!” Penny Nichols, Grammy nominated Singer-Songwriter, CA

“Thank you for sharing the gift of your voice and music .  It touches me so deeply that it awakens a healing process within me.  Your work, process and intention you hold is manifesting in the physical of others, that allows for body and emotional movement.  Your CD is a work of ART & HEART.  You delivered!” Marti Bauer, CO

 “I listened to you on iTunes this morning.  I heard every take.  I loved it all.  WHAT a spirit comes through you.  It’s obvious you were born for this and you’re following your bliss.  Thank you for what you bring to this planet.  Blessings Lisa…” Tom Jacobs, recording artist & composer and former Benedictine monk


“I love to play your lovely Sophia Songs CD before lectures and workshops.” Siobhan Houston,author of Invoking Mary Magdelene, Boulder CO

“Wonderful CD full of Goddess-inspired songs. When I first listened to the soundfiles at CDBaby.com, I knew I had to get this album.  What a great way to celebrate God/dess by playing this CD over and over again. This artist is truly gifted.” Jenneke Minkman, satisfied CD Baby customer, Netherlands

“I want to thank you for your wonderful CD “Sophia Songs”. My sister recently sent it to me as a gift.  I am pregnant and have developed depression.  I find your music wonderfully comforting to listen to.  My sister did not know this, but I had a mother blessing during my first pregnancy and this is the same music that was played there.” Angela K

“I don’t listen to music unless I am doing nothing else, no background music for me! I rarely get the chance to listen to music! But I have listened this morning, and your voice is lovely and it is wonderful that you are using the frame drum, I think it is important that women sing and chant to the frame drum like they did for thousands of years. Thank you for sending me your CD and best of everything to you.” – Kindest regards and blessings, Layne Redmond, author of When Women Were Drummers, New York, NY

“On the way to an important presentation I was giving, I was in heavy traffic and felt tense. I played your CD – MAGICAL AND HEAVENLY. Thanks.” John Gordon, attorney and life coach, Kansas City, MO

“Thank you for the beautiful music that grounds the peace in my heart.” Rita Marsh, Director of the DAVI NIKENT Center For Human Wellness, Carbondale, CO


“I am happy to recommend Lisa’s new recording POINT OF BALANCE and do encourage the sharing of her tremendous talent. Her voice is crystal clear, as is her intent for the healing of Mother Earth and all her children.  The song Point of Balance rings in my mind for hours after I hear it!!!”                                   Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing

“Sometimes what I hear most in an album is the sincerity of the artist.  Such is the case with Lisa Dancing-Light’s CD, Point of Balance.  With songs to glorify the Earth and one’s inner journey, the album is inspiring and uplifting.” Santa Fe Spirit Magazine

“If there were a New Age Top 10, the title cut would certainly be in it.” Ladyslipper Catalog

 “Lisa’s album is diverse in style and content. A full range of music is offered, including Native American Chants, lovely ballads and jazzy cuts, all centered in environmental awareness and healing the Earth.”  Heartsong Review

“Good music for drifting off to Mother Earth Sates. The instrumentation is good counter-point to Lisa’s sweet, echoing voice.” Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees