The Song of Love (2016)

Eight years in the making, Lisa’s newest recording, “The Song of Love” is being called “An Anthem For Humanity” bringing a global message of love awakening in the hearts of mankind. Inspired by a chapter of the same title in Anne Hillman’s book Awakening the Energies of Love – Discovering Fire For the Second Time, Lisa had an unexplainable spontaneous musical experience after asking the Universe, “Whatever wants to sing through me, sing through me now.” Lisa’s vibrant voice dances with piano and the most delicate string arrangement of world-class musicians.

This single release with Bonus Instrumental track is the jewel of Lisa’s four recordings.

“The prose/poem from Anne’s book that stirred me to the bone when I first read it is now soaring through the beautiful vehicle of Lisa’s voice backed by the string instruments. WOW! It is an anthem for the world. Much love to you! And bounteous blessings and GRATITUDE!” – Rita Marsh, Director, Davi Nikent – Center For Human Flourishing

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Lisa’s first release this decade, is sweet time travel. Lisa is at the height of her career – her voice, as clear and strong as a cobalt blue, Rocky Mountain sky on an autumn morning. Rich with influences such as Peter Kater, Alison Krauss, Joni Mitchell, and the Andrews Sisters, Light Years takes the listener on a sometimes humorous, sometimes wistful but always lyrical journey of life. Superb arrangements and back-up by musicians: guitarist, Frank Gayer Martin, jazz trumpeter Tim Fox (The Intervention Band), and Grammy Award nominee Penny Nichols, allow Lisa’s melodies to soar. Light Years will have you humming along at first listen.

“I love this CD so much. It is so nostalgic.  It brought me back to the warmth of my childhood, lots of memories and lots of healing.  It has allowed me to reflect over my life and see how much I have grown.  This is a wonderful healing for all.”  –  Barbara O’Connor, Colorado


Sophia Songs CDSOPHIA SONGS (2005)

Celebrating Sophia, the ancient Greek Goddess of Wisdom.  During a healing crisis a friend gave Lisa healing prayers and one of those prayers, saved her life. “I was reading (philosopher and Waldorf School founder) Rudolph Steiner’s Hymn to Sophia,” she says. “And, I started receiving music as if it were a direct transmission. I went to the piano and began playing music from someplace I cannot explain.” A powerful catharsis marked the beginning of her recovery and devotion to Sophia.

Lisa’s voice dances above piano, cello, drum and a gypsy fiddle. Original and ancient songs weave music influenced by Celtic, Native American and Sufi cultures.

“On the way to an important presentation I was giving, in heavy traffic I felt tense. I played your CD – MAGICAL & HEAVENLY.” – John Gordon, attorney & life coach, Kansas City, MO


Point of Balance (1988)

 This album reflects Lisa’s emerging spirituality and the phenomenon of “hearing music” and voices singing while hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Lisa was blessed to record with Grammy Award winner saxophonist Ernie Watts and saxophone-flutist Bryan Savage.  Her crystal clear voice soars in Native American chants, lovely ballads and jazzy cuts, all centered in environmental awareness of healing the Earth.

“If there were a New Age Top 10 this would certainly be on it!” – Ladyslipper Catalog