Vocal Coach

YOUR VOICE AS A LEADER – For Professional and Non-Professional Speakers

How to Develop a Healthy, Powerful Strategy for an Effective Voice

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Learn How to Preserve Your Voice by Using the Three B’s:  Brain, Breath, Body Techniques

Powerful Vocal Warm-ups from “THE SETH RIGGS METHOD”

How to Apply These Techniques to Your Unique Presentation

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Community leaders, politicians, attorneys, environmentalists, actors, musicians and teachers must know how to maintain proper usage of their voice.  In this training you will learn simple and fun vocal, brain/body warm-up exercises to enhance the resonance of your voice, strengthen and tone the pharyngal muscles to result in clear, confident presentations.

Lisa Dancing-Light is a Wholistic Vocal Trainer, ceremonial performance artist, songwriter, and founder of HIGHER OCTAVE MUSIC programs, offering dynamic programs to develop vibrant public presentations.  Lisa is a classically trained pianist and vocalist with a degree in Music Education.  Producer of four albums of original music, Lisa has studied with Eloise Ristad, author of A SOPRANO ON HER HEAD, mentored with Don Campbell, author of THE MOZART EFFECT, and inspired by Kay Gardner, author of SOUNDING THE INNER LANDSCAPE.

My mission is touching hearts and inspiring people to “Use their voice to create a better world.”

Studio and Online Sessions  with ichat, Skype or Goggle Hangout 

Private or Group Sessions available
To request special group rates email Lisa or call 970-963-3330

Why public speakers need coaching?

  • Strengthen vocal capacity
  • Develop more dynamic and confident  presentations
  • Integrate brain/body process to get your message heard more effectively

Why vocalists study with me?

  • Improve vocal strength
  • Learn innovative breath and performance techniques
  • Rehearse performance ideas for an event

“Coaching extraordinary, performing artists and musicians, political activists and environmentalists has been my focus for over 30 years. Sharing this legacy it is my joy to support conscious evolutionaries, to shine their light and share their passion.”