LIVING IN THE HIGHER OCTAVE – Guidelines for Consciously Evolving Souls

A series of classes to support our transformation in these changing times.  Using guidelines to  help us resonate and vibrationally match our soul purpose we can better serve ourselves, our families and our communities.

These courses are offered once a week in 4 week sessions.

  • Discover sound techniques to open and balance Chakra Systems.
  • Move energy and release powerful brain chemicals for increased vitality and wellness.
  • Develop sound strategies to support mind, body and spirit.

Recommended for:  Medical professionals, psychotherapists, hospice professionals, body workers, musicians, singers and all lightworkers.

Recommended reading and listening:

Sounding the Inner Landscape by Kay Gardner

Sounding the Inner Landscape CD by Kay Gardner

Of Sound Mind & Body DVD

Please contact me for class details.