Tune In

Announcing a new series on VoiceAmerica featuring Lisa Dancing-Light’s latest CD, “The Song of Love” as one of the two theme songs! As predicted this song is becoming an Anthem for Humanity.


Our friends from the Interspiritual Multiplex, who brought the Self Care to Earth Care program here to Carbondale June 2016 have just announced their 13 episode Series at VoiceAmerica “THE CONVERGENCE: Uniting the Tribes in the Interspiritual Age.” Subtitled “A Journey of Waking UP and Growing UP with Dr. Kurt Johnson.” (Kurt is the co-author of the Coming Interspiritual Age.)

The series commences Thursday, November 3rd with renowned integral philosopher and spiritual writer Ken Wilber framing THE CONVERGENCE series with a commentary on “Waking Up and Growing Up” — the inner and outer work necessary for real global change.

Other guests in this 13 week series include Deepak Chopra, Stephen Dinan, Fr. Thomas Keating, Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Karenna Gore, Gregg Braden, Myra Jackson, David Sloan Wilson, Robert Kadar, Loch Kelly, Steve Farrell and so many more.

The very exciting news about this series is that local vocalist and composer, Lisa Dancing Light’s latest CD release “The Song of Love” has been chosen as one of the two theme songs for the series.

Information on the series can be found at: http://1god.com/convergence/