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Raising Our Frequencies T
o A Higher Octave   

Sound has been used for centuries by ancient cultures to heal, balance and restore the body’s subtle energies.  Designed for music lovers, educators, massage therapists, psychotherapists, medical professionals, sound therapists and musicians, you will learn powerful tools to support your transformational process in these dynamic times of fluctuating energy.

  • Explore sound and music for education and healing.
  • Learn simple applications of sound for home and office.
  • Use sound to enhance and deepen your spiritual practice.

This 4 week experiential, book study class will cultivate a meaningful connection with sound and how to integrate a sacred sound practice into your daily life to heal, ground and bring more vitality to your life.

Read what people are saying about the this workshop:

“I feel I have more tools to use with clients. I like listening to how you guided/facilitated the healing process. You have a healing presence/energy and I learned from listening to you.”

Karen Mehringer, author of Sail into Your Dreams liveapurposefullife.com

“The experience of focusing tone was/is quite enlightening and healing. This has been an important step on my vibrational journey. I appreciate your insights and guidance. Thank you for sharing you personal experiences as well. “
–John Harris, Spiritwalker and sound pilgrim

“Thank you so much for such an amazing day exploring sound! I’m still enjoying the magic of those moments of toning as we moved into full resonance with each other. I am listening to music in a whole new way paying attention to the effect it has on my body and feelings. Lisa I love your presence and your passion for this work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”
Kimberlie Chenowith, MA kimberliechenoweth.org

“I’m so invigorated by our workshop. Today I had severe cramps and used Kay Gardner’s chart to figure out which sound to make and which colors to turn my focus toward. My cramps decreased significantly 20 – 30 minutes after I chanted. Exciting stuff. Thank you for sharing so freely of your wisdom. You are my mentor.”
Leslie Stoupas, writer